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New mobile solution to reduce inequalities in Myanmar’s rice industry wins Telenor Youth Forum

31 May, 2019 - Yangon

  • The team ‘AgriMatch’ won 6th Annual Telenor Youth Forum with an innovative mobile application that uses geolocation to connect farmers to middlemen and vice versa
  • AgriMatch aims to pilot their service in Myanmar where more than 70 percent of the population relies on agriculture as their primary source of income

Following six months of intense work, the team ‘AgriMatch’ won the sixth annual Telenor Youth Forum for their mobile service to equalize the agricultural supply chain and empower farmers currently in a vicious cycle of debt and poverty. AgriMatch aims to pilot their service in Myanmar where more than 70 percent of the population relies on agriculture as their primary source of income, according to a 2019 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report.



The team will continue their ongoing collaboration with Network Activities Group (NAG) Myanmar, helping to advance the agenda of the Good Agricultural Practices certification which promotes sustainable agriculture for the people and the environment. In support of UN Sustainable Development Goal #10, their outstanding mobile application will be able to address inequalities in the rice supply chain in Asia.

“The outstanding project of AgriMatch was very astonishing and I believe that their solution can benefit the rice supply chain not only in Myanmar but also in Asia significantly. Other projects are also amazing, and I am sure the jury had a hard time to decide the best team. I would also want to congratulate our two representatives; Thiha and Nang, for demonstrating strong commitment and passion in Telenor Youth Forum. I am very certain that these two Myanmar delegates can play an important role in shaping the digital future of the country,” said Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of Telenor Myanmar.

The Telenor Youth Forum’s 2018-2019 programme concluded on May 28 in Bangkok, where the delegation of 16 young leaders from 8 nations pitched their four services to Telenor Group and experts from Plan International, UNICEF and the Nobel Peace Centre. The challenge for ‘AgriMatch’ was to design a digital solution to optimize or increase sustainability of food production, ultimately contributing reduced inequalities in global health. By winning in this year Telenor Youth Forum, ‘AgriMatch’ receives USD 15,000 (NOK 100,000) in seed funding with the aim to further develop their service. 

The other three services pitched to the jury include a digital solution to reduce stigma around mental health; a digital portal to optimise access to clean water and sanitation; and a platform for older generations to share skills with younger ones. To represent the country for TYF programme 2018, Telenor Myanmar sent two talented youths; Thiha Zaw and Nang Yin Yin Win Nwe, selected out of over 200 Myanmar applicants.

Nang Yin Yin Win Nwe, one of the representatives from Myanmar, took a mission on developing solutions to ensure clean water together with the delegates from Bangladesh, Sweden and Pakistan. They proposed a solution that allows low income or rural families to report water contamination issues through simple feature phones. Higher income smartphone users can then be connected via an app to donate and to follow up with organisations and authorities with whom they may be better connected with.

“There were moments of excitements, disagreements, confusions, nervousness and exhilaration during our past 5 months of research and work with the team. We have done the research, interviews and we have talked with different organizations and partner about our solution. It was really tough, but I am proud of our team for far we have come, and we were delighted to be able to share our final solution with the juries and everyone. The solution pitched by AgriMatch is really amazing and I would want to congratulate them for their astonishing work,” said Nang Yin Yin Win New, 25, from Myanmar.

Another Myanmar representative, Thiha Zaw, worked together with the delegates from Denmark, Norway and Thailand to tackle the challenge of supporting a growing elderly population via digital solutions. Their team pitched a concept for a platform that allows elderly people to make an income from the skills and experiences they have built throughout their lives. The concept will further integrate them with their communities and allows them to market otherwise unrecognised talents and know-how for their financial benefit.

“I believe we’ve made an amazing amount of progress since Oslo. Even though our project is not yet perfect, we’ve created something that we can truly be proud of. We have spent the past five months doing researches and surveys online and on-site in Thailand where we launched our project and it was an unforgettable experience for all of us. The idea from AgriMatch is also really impressive and I believe they will create a good change in the world,” said Thiha Zaw, 25.

In Telenor Youth Forum 2017-18, the team called AGNCY in which Nang Kant Kaw Ywat Hseng from Myanmar took part as a member, won for their project to crowd-source labour violation reporting and received a grant of USD 15,000 to further develop their service in order to reduce inequalities for underrepresented working people around the world.

About Telenor Youth Forum

The Telenor Youth Forum is a global platform that is built upon the idea of engaging bright young minds to reduce inequalities. Young leaders from Telenor Group’s eight markets in Scandinavia and Asia are recruited to tackle global, social challenges connected to the Sustainable Development Goals. With physical gatherings in Oslo and in Bangkok, the Telenor Youth Forum is a six-month journey with concrete deliverables such the “We Start Change” exhibition, a platform to help mobilize everyone to contribute and start change. The forum is driven in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center (NPC).

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