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Nang Kant Kaw Ywat Hseng, Ratul Prasad to represent Myanmar at Telenor Youth Forum 2017

09 October, 2017 - Yangon

  • The fifth annual Telenor Youth Forum takes place from December 8-11, 2017, in Oslo, Norway
  • Two local young leaders have been selected to attend, out of more than 7,000 applicants worldwide
  • Delegates to spend one year developing solutions that target global, social challenges

Telenor Myanmar is pleased to announce that Nang Kant Kaw YwatHseng, Ratul Prasad will represent Myanmar at the annual Telenor Youth Forum (TYF) in Oslo, Norway this December.

TYF is run in cooperation with the Nobel Peace Center. It brings together young, talented leaders from 12 countries where Telenor operates, and challenges these youth to find ways to use digital technology for the social good.

What happens at TYF?

While in Oslo, the TYF delegates will participate in a service design program to create a digital service that tackles a global, social challenge. They will also explore the connection between digital technology and peace, by participating in the Nobel Peace Prize festivities during while in Oslo. The TYF delegates will continue with the TYF program throughout 2018, developing their digital service and building an exhibition on their social cause, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center.

“Our TYF delegates traditionally represent the best of the best among youths in our markets. They are leaders, they are socially active, digitally savvy and they believe that technology can be used as an instrument for peace. We are excited to invite the new recruits to Oslo and get started on another year of improving lives and reducing inequalities through innovative digital solutions,” said Lars Erik Tellmann, Chief Executive Officer at Telenor Myanmar.

Meet our delegates

Nang Kant Kaw YwatHseng, 25, holds B.A in International Relations from Webster University. Nang is organizational administrator at Kaw Dai Organization and she is passionate about assisting people affected by armed conflicts. Ratul Prasad, 21, isa medical student at University of Medicine 1 in Yangon, with a deep passion in contributing to solvingsocietal issues, particularly health problems. To learn more about the TYF program, visit the website.



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