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Multiple online options, over34,000 retail shops nationwide available for SIM registration

19 October, 2016 - Yangon

  • Telenor now has more online self-registration options and more than 34,000 retail shops available for registration
  • With required documents users may help register family members and friends on behalf

Telenor Myanmar Limited’s (“Telenor”) has launched multiple online self-care channels – website, Telenor Myanmar mobile app, Facebook and Viber – to help customers register their SIM cards at their convenience. Additionally, the company has designated thousands of points-of-sale across the country to help customers in many parts of the country either check their SIM registration status or register their SIMs quickly and easily.

To date, more than 34,000 designated points-of-sale (POS) decorated with ‘SIM Registration Available’ signage are providing SIM registration related services. Telenor’s 90 branded shops in major cities and towns throughout the country will also continue to provide SIM registration services. Customers who wish to change SIM ownership status may do so at these branded shops.

Access to Telenor’s online solutions are available via, on any mobile or WiFi data network. To register through the mobile app, customers may download the ‘My Telenor’ app from for both Android and Apple devices. Customers may now register their SIMs via Telenor’s social media channels – Telenor Myanmar Facebook and Viber - by sending a direct message or by visiting a registration link. Telenor users can also register mobile numbers of their family members and friends on behalf via onlineif they have required documents alongside.

Telenor has also introduced multiple channels to customers for checking their SIM card registration status. Customers may check their SIM registration status by dialing *979*3*3#; or by visiting any of Telenor’s close to 90 branded shops and designated points-of- sale, by calling Telenor’s Call Center, or by sending ‘REG’ to “500”.

SIM registration is a requirement mandated by law, and the Ministry of Transport and Communications recently announced that all mobile SIM cards are to be registered by 31st March 2017. To register, subscribers are required to provide a copy of their national registration card (passport for foreigners) or other applicable identity cards, and to fill up a simple customer acquisition form. The process may be completed within minutes, at no charge.

Telenor customers will receive ongoing information on SIM registration in the coming months, through public announcements, social media, and via SMS where related.

SIM card Registration and Status Check Channels SIM Card Registration Status Check Channels
Website - Dial *979*3*3#
My Telenor App - SMS ‘REG’ to “500”
34,000 retail shops across the country Call center 979
About 90 branded shops across the country (Addresses - * SIM ownership status may also be changed at these branded shops  



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