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Multiple fortune telling services available on Telenor’s Astrology Zone

04 April, 2019 - Yangon

  • Users can get free access to “Astrology Zone” on Telenor Myanmar website
  • The webpage comprises of both premium and freemium services for Telenor customers in Myanmar

With the aim to maximize the best customer experience, Telenor Myanmar added a new page at their website called “Astrology Zone” for users to experience multiple fortune telling services which are accessible from anywhere anytime. The zone includes both premium and freemium services available to Telenor customers.

“Astrology Zone is one of our innovative efforts to maximize the benefits of mobile communications for our customers. We realize that ‘Bae-Din’ or Astrology is quite a popular topic here in Myanmar and people like to keep in touch with their fortune tellers often so. With these astrological services, customers from all States and Regions can enjoy a fun and handy way of getting their astrology readings anytime they want. As well as they will be able to engage easily and directly with the famous astrologers via Telenor network across the country. They do not need to spend their time and get hassle to get an appointment with their favorite astrologers. They just need a mobile phone with a Telenor SIM inserted and everything can be worked out,” said Amaresh Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Myanmar.

Call for the personal Consultation

Relating to astrology, the first premium feature that Telenor customers can enjoy is the personal consultation with three famous astrologers, Sayar Min Thein Khine, Sayarma Dr. Saw Yu Nwe and Sayar Kyaw Sit Thway by calling to 7777 with 525 Kyats per minute (Tax inclusive) during the respective consultation time. Customers who can call them during the time slot will be able to consult with them on phone. Customers will be able to consult with the astrologers according to the consultation time in the table below.

Number to call Astrologers Consultation time
7777 Sayar Min Thein Khine Every Monday to Saturday
6 PM to 7 PM
Sayarma Dr Saw Yu Nwe Monday, Wednesday and Friday
3 PM to 5 PM
Sayar Kyaw Sit Thway Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
9 AM to 12 noon

Digital Premium Paid Subscription Service

Second service that Telenor Myanmar introduced is ‘customized prediction’ where customers need to fill up their name, day and date of birth, gender and choose one of the above three astrologers. Customers need to be 18 years and above or if the customer is under 18 years, the parent’s consent will be needed for subscription. Once subscribed, it will take the 72 hours (3 working day) to receive the prediction. Customer can subscribe the service to get the customized prediction for a week (7 days) with 1,000 MMK (Tax inclusive) and for one month (30 days) with 2000 MMK (Tax inclusive), from the main balance. Customers can subscribe this service in the webpage ‘Astrology Zone’ on Telenor Myanmar website.

Interactive voice response from six astrologers

Another astrology-related service is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)by which customer can receive the horoscope advice in voice call. Currently customers can call 304 for subscribing the Astrology IVR service and receive astrological readings from one out of six famous Astrologers: Saya Min Thein Khine, Saya Paing Hein Kyaw, Saya Zin Yaw Ni, Sayama Dr. Saw Yu Nwe, Saya U Tin Oo, Saya San Zarni Bo and Thai Astrologer Kahta. By subscribing with 315 Kyats (Tax Inclusive) for a week, customers will receive a single call per day and can re-call 304 anytime to listen the prediction again. This IVR service will be auto-renewed.

In addition to the above-mentioned services on the Astrology Zone, users also can enjoy following freemium contents.

  • Daily Horoscopes: where they can read their fortune by cosmic calendar of their birthday,
  • Wheel of Fortune: where they can spin the wheel, get their lucky number, get the astrology reading tied to that number and
  • Tarot Cards: where they can get in-depth readings of Tarot.

Telenor Myanmar’s newly introduced ‘the Astrology Zone’ is now live for everyone to enjoy at –

Telenor Myanmar has been providing accessible and affordable mobile communications that provide innovative and exclusive value-added services to people across Myanmar. With the intention to empower our Myanmar people with more user-friendly services and to digitize the customer journey, Telenor Myanmar has also recently upgraded MyTelenor App to version 3.0 with many exciting digital features including top-up through international bank cards.

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