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Most affordable oversea voice promotion introduced

03 August, 2017 - Yangon

  • Happy Hour Overseas Call’ with just 50Kyat/minute
  • Save up to 88%

Telenor Myanmar today introduced a special promotion offering the most affordable rate for making oversea calls to 9 destinations including 8 Asia-Pacific countries and the United States of America.

With this latest promotion Telenor customers in Myanmar now can call friends and family in China, Singapore, India, USA, Bangladesh, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong with a rate as low as 50Kyat/minute. The price is applicable between 10:00pm and 7:00am ‘Happy Hour’ period.

The promotion is tax exclusive and is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Standard rate for calling numbers in Bangladesh, China, India, and Singapore is 200 Kyat/minute, and Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and U.S. 400Kyat/minute respectively. Customers can now save up to 88% for making international calls with Telenor’s Happy Hour overseas call promotion.

“This promotion is another proof point of Telenor demonstrating our commitment to delivering the most innovative and affordable voice services for our customers in Myanmar. This special promotion is absolutely simple and easy to use as customers are not required to subscribe or activate. We have introduced a number of affordable oversea calls plans already and our customers can continue to expect more innovative and best services from Telenor,” said Joslin Myrthong, Chief Marketing Officer at Telenor Myanmar.

In addition to these 9 countries, Telenor Myanmar has already introduced ‘Call-Like-Local’ voice service to Thailand and Malaysia since June. With the ‘Call-Like-Local’ promotion customers in Myanmar can call dtac subscribers in Thailand and Digi subscribers in Malaysia with a local rate of 25Kyat/ minute. Additionally, for Myanmar people traveling to Thailand and Malaysia Telenor has introduced a special pack, which is available at 500 Kyat per subscription and is valid up to 24 hours after each subscription.


Telenor’s international roaming network

With a growing list of available countries and roaming partners, Telenor makes it easy and affordable for all customers to stay connected when travelling, or with family and friends in other countries. Currently, Telenor Myanmar subscribers can use roaming services with 138 partners in 110 countries. Telenor’s 4G roaming service is currently available in Thailand,Malaysia and Singapore and more countries will later be added on the list. Subscribers of 181operators from 117 countries can use their overseas SIMs with Telenor network in Myanmar.



Alex Nyi Nyi Aung (Mr.)
Corporate Communications, Telenor Myanmar Ltd

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