Maintaining Myanmar’s best data experience: It takes teamwork

31 August, 2020 - Yangon

Telenor Myanmar takes pride in delivering Myanmar’s best data experience. Making it happen is a concerted effort between our teams and partners focused on performance, reliability and efficient operations.

Stay safe, stay connected, stay empowered – that’s been our mantra in Telenor Myanmar for the past months. Technology teams have been working around the clock to ensure base stations are fueled and ready, and to balance loads on our network to continue to deliver to our customers’ expectations. We know our customers need and expect connectivity to always be there – reliably and consistently. In Technology terms, that is translated to concepts like uptime, download/upload speed and latency.

Mobile Tower in Kayin State

Delivering top performance in the midst of COVID-19
Uptime is important for how easily customers are able to reach the network, data speeds matter for data transmission capacity, and latency is key to ensure consistency and rapid response – a point online gamers are often very focused on. The combination of all contribute to customers’ overall experience, and that’s why most internationally recognized speed tests take several aspects into account in their assessments. Our Technology team and our partners are constantly monitoring Telenor Myanmar’s networks to ensure we deliver the best possible experience at any given point in time.

With booming data trends and heavy loads on the network in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions, it is great to see two of the most widely used independent testers, including Ookla, placing Telenor Myanmar firmly on top of the list for network performance during June and July 2020.

Strong partnerships deliver consistent, great data experience

Telenor Myanmar has been working closely with Ericsson Managed Services since 2013. Building to create Myanmar’s best data experience, the network has been through several phases. From expansion to every nook and corner of the country, helping take coverage from less than 10% to more than 92% population coverage, to continuously improving experience, efficiency and availability as demand for data services have exploded – first with 3G, then with 4G. This collaboration has achieved the record-setting fastest internet speed ever in Myanmar, 1 Gbps, on its 4G/LTE network. It also reached another milestone in late November 2018 in the city of Mandalay where a pilot study of IoT technology and Telenor’s commitment of 5G readiness in Myanmar was successfully showcased.

Telenor and Ericsson joint network press event in Yangon, 2018

Ericsson Myanmar’s Country Head on the equipment maker’s collaboration with Telenor Myanmar

Building a greener network

Investing in and innovating on our networks to ensure we deliver the best possible experience to our customers is crucial, and we’re proud to further improve our network performance at a critical time for our customers. Continuously expanding our 4G/LTE coverage, while also making our network more efficient in terms of both performance and energy consumption, are key priorities right now. With more than 1,000 sites running on solar panels and a continuous effort to move from generators to grid, we’ve reduced 70% energy costs per site and reduced fuel consumption by 10 million litres over last three years. 

Telenor Solar Site

We’re here to bring more to our customers’ lives, and it starts with providing the best data experience.

Jai Prakash, CTO, Telenor Myanmar
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