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Hsu Wai Soe, Phyo Thura Htay to represent Myanmar at Telenor Youth Forum

03 November, 2015 - Yangon

Among 25 delegates, from all Telenor business units

November 3, 2015; Yangon – Telenor Myanmar Limited (Telenor) today announced that Hsu Wai Soe and Phyo Thura Htay will represent Myanmar at the annual Telenor Youth Forum in Oslo, Norway this December.

Telenor Youth Forum offers young innovators a global stage, opportunities to meet and discuss with leaders and luminaries within their fields – and a social and professional experience of a lifetime. The event takes place 8-12th December in Oslo, Norway.

The two are amongst the 25 delegates who will join this year’s Telenor Youth Forum in Oslo (#TYF15). The annual event, which coincides with the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony week, will this year centrearound the theme of #KnowledgeForAll.

Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Myanmar, Petter Furberg said, “The two bright young people selected have clear objectives of influencing society through mobile connectivity. We are confident that they will be excellent ambassadors of Myanmar, and that they will positively engage with like-minded peers from other from other parts of the world to exchange innovative ideas on advancing communities.”

Twenty-one year old Hsu Wai Soe, a B.Com (Management & Marketing) degree holder applied to the Telenor Youth Forum with an idea of installing a counselling hot-line for domestic violence. While working in her family business, she became aware of the prevalence of domestic violence in the country, and wants to do her part to help marginalised women.

“Many women who are facing domestic violence are afraid to discuss their affliction with others as they are either ashamed of their situation, or don’t feel they will be supported enough in coming forward. I want to develop a hot-line which the women can call and discuss their problems with experts, under anonymous conditions,” Hsu Wai Soe said.

She added, “I’m happy to be chosen to represent Myanmar. I believe that after interacting with other young people in Oslo, I will have many valuable inputs to upgrade my ideas to help the women.”

Phyo Thura Htay, a 19 year-old student in majoring of Chemical Engineering from Yangon Technological University is building on his idea of developing a mobile app as a digital library for university students.

“Apart from their normal school lecturers, students can have extra books and knowledge which is relevant with their respective subjects. To implement my idea, I need assistance from the technology companies like Telenor. This is my first step of being a winner for TYF to implement my idea, and I’m very delighted to be chosen,” he said.

He added that by exchanging knowledge and ideas with other young people in the forum, he will have more experiences in developing innovative ideas to develop his dreams.

“Universal access to education is in our grasp”

Telenor has invited a range of high-level and inspiring speakers for the Forum programme, who all share a passion for knowledge and increasing access to learning. A keynote address will be given by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopaedia.

Other speakers include:

  • Justin Ferrell, award-winning journalist & design-thinker, Stanford University’s
  • TorbjørnRøe-Isaksen, Norwegian Minister for Education and Research
  • Laila Bokhari, Norwegian State Secretary& owner of an all-girls’ school in Sultanabad, Pakistan
  • Tim Aye-Hardy, founder of Myanmar mobile education project, myME
  • Julia Firestone, Global Business Coalition for Education’s Global Education Platform
  • Stefan Velja, young innovator from Serbia&gold medal winner at Brussels Innova 2014

“Our delegates bring unique ideas and thoughts based on multiple perspectives and that are rooted in a range of societal challenges. Most importantly, they see opportunities where others see barriers to making an impact. We want to engage with them to discuss and explore how Telenor and mobile technology can be part of driving inclusive change and improving access to knowledge,” says Sigve Brekke, President & CEO of Telenor Group.

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