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Health and safety standards improved underagelaboursignificantly declined in Telenor's supply chain in Myanmar

30 December, 2016 - Yangon

Telenor Myanmar Limited’s (“Telenor”) year-end findings reveal significant drop in child and underage labour, and notable improvement in health and safety standards in its supply chain in Myanmar.

“This year we have seen significant improvement throughout our supply chain as more people have undergone our trainings and have improved their understanding on requirements with regard to health, safety, environment and child/underage labour.We are encouraged by our local suppliers who are strictly adoptingour standards,” said Min Thu, head of Business Sustainability at Telenor Myanmar.

Telenor has conducted over 10,000 unannounced inspections since May 2014 and major findings rate on unsafe working at height, unsafe excavation, parallel work, and underage labour has declined at a quarter on quarter rate of 22% over 11 quarters of consistent inspections and supplier capacity building.Between 2015 and 2016, the major finding rate decreased by 57%, due to an enhanced focus on decreasing major findings for key suppliers.

As no Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) laws exist in Myanmar, Telenor is committed to international HSSE standards, eradicating child and underage labour in its own supply chain while promoting high labour standards in the country generally.The key driver behind improvement in HSSE standards is that Telenor Myanmar’s suppliers and subcontractors have risen to the challenge of adhering to international HSSE and labour standards.

“As a partner company we strictly follow Telenor’s HSSE standards. Making workers to follow the standards is quite challenging as many of them simply do not know the benefits. Local companies that are following the procedures can familiarize with international safety and security standards and they will be ready to do business when more international investors come. Myanmar is opening up and we can expect more international investments flowing into the country,” said Dr. Phyo Thet Naing, HSSE Manager of Eco Friendly Towers.

Telenor’s efforts to eradicate child labour in its supply chain

As part of Telenor’s commitment to eradicating child and underage labour in its supply chain, and promoting high labour standards in Myanmar generally, Telenor has engaged Myanmar Mobile Education (MyME) to provide quality non-formal education to underage workers in selected Telenor branded teashops in Yangon and Mandalay (the MyME Teashop programme). Telenor branded teashops are also required not to hire workers under Myanmar’s legal employment age of 14.These teashops also agree to regular unannounced inspections by Telenor Myanmar’s team of full timeSupply Chain Sustainability inspectors.

Telenor’s suppliers are also required to sign the Supplier Conduct Principles which states that no one under 15 years will be employed directly or indirectly for Telenor business. This is in line with recognised international ILO conventions. Additionally, Telenor Group has defined the age requirement for tower construction sites as a minimum of 18 years, which is in line with the ILO convention and recent local law.



Alex Nyi Nyi Aung (Mr.)
Corporate Communications, Telenor Myanmar Ltd

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