Directive to block website

08 October, 2020 - Yangon

Telenor Myanmar, along with all other mobile operators and internet service providers in Myanmar, received a directive on 5 October 2020 from the Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD) to block a named website.

The directive is based on Section 77 of the Telecommunications Law, and cites the website circulating fake news and rumors as reason for the blocking. The directive does not provide a time limitation to the blocking of the website. Telenor Myanmar is bound by law to keep any further details about the directive confidential.

While the authorities of Myanmar have legal basis to order such directives, the practice appears to be incompatible with international human rights law. Telenor Myanmar has complied with the directive under protest and has pointed its concerns regarding international human rights.

Customers in Myanmar trying to access the affected URL will be directed to a landing page stating that the site cannot be reached due to Myanmar government instruction.

Telenor Myanmar continues its dialogue with authorities to protest such website blockings, seeking to limit or lift restrictions and encourage the government of Myanmar to increase transparency for the public.

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