Directive from authorities to block additional websites in Myanmar

07 May, 2020 - Yangon

Telenor Myanmar, along with all other mobile operators in Myanmar, have received a directive from the Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD) to block access to 22 websites alleged to contribute to ‘fearmongering’ and ‘misleading of the public in relation to the Coronavirus’.

The directive references the Ministry of Transport and Communication’s directive of 19 March 2020 and is based on Section 77 of the Telecommunications Law. Telenor Myanmar is legally obliged to comply with the directive. Customers trying to access the 22 URLs are directed to a landing page stating that the sites cannot be reached as the authorities of Myanmar have ordered them to be blocked.

Telenor Myanmar believes in open communication. The company continues its dialogue with the authorities on the principles of authorities’ interventions to block websites in Myanmar, and has also pointed out that current practice appears to be incompatible with international human rights law. Telenor has also requested the authorities to publicly announce which websites have been ordered blocked and for what reason.

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