Future-proof your Telenor connection with your verified ID

Myanmar authorities (Posts & Telecommunications Department) require all SIM cards to be registered:
You can only register two SIM cards from each operator to your ID.
Telenor customers are welcome to re-register their SIM cards either online or by visiting one of our shops. 
In light of the COVID-19 situation, we encourage you to try our easy-to-use online solutions available on the Telenor website or through the MyTelenor app (see full list of options below).
If you need help to get registered, you can contact our call center through phone or messaging services, or you can visit one of our branded stores across Myanmar. Please keep distance from others and protect yourself and others by following advice from health authorities.

Check your current SIM registration

Check your SIM's registration status and ownership information by dialing *979*3*3# (or) by sending SMS "REG" to "500".

How to register your SIM?

To register, you need:

  • Your SIM card and handset
  • A valid ID card such as an NRIC or a passport (for foreigners)
  • SIM re-registration is free of charge regardless of channel.

In the registration process we will ask you the following information:

  • Full Name
  • NRIC or Passport number
  • A photo of your NRIC or Passport (make sure name/ID number is clear)

One NRIC/ Passport can register up to two – 2 – SIM cards.

Self-register or get in touch with us online

We encourage you to do your SIM re-registration online and offer the following channels for either self-registration (you will in your details and submit yourself) or assisted registration (a customer care agent will support you).

You can get registered for free through these channels:

  1. Telenor Myanmar Website (Self-registration)
    Check your current SIM registration, update details and change ownership if needed.
  2. MyTelenor App (Self-registration)
    Download the MyTelenor app for Android or iOS and register through the app.
  3. Chat with us on Facebook Messenger
    Visit our official Facebook page and initiate a Messenger chat to get help from our agents.
  4. Chat with us on Viber
    Connect with one of our agents on our official Viber account.
  5. Drop us an email
    Email us at reg@telenor.com.mm to register your SIM via email.

You can also register at the nearest Telenor shop

We are also happy to help you get registered at your nearest Telenor Branded Shops. Please remember to bring your ID card with you!

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we need to register our sim cards?

SIM cards are required to be registered by Myanmar law. PTD has instructed mobile operators to limit the number of SIMs registered to individual customers to two (2). You can only register two Telenor SIM cards to your national ID (NRIC).SIM cards are required to be registered by Myanmar law. PTD has instructed mobile operators to limit the number of SIMs registered to individual customers to two (2). You can only register two Telenor SIM cards to your national ID (NRIC).

How can I check whether my SIM card is registered? Or: How can I check whose name and ID was used to register my SIM?

If you want to check your registration, please send “REG” to number 500, or dial *979*3*3#.

If your SIM cards is registered, you will see the NRIC number of the registered card holder. If you need to change the registration, please use one of the routes outlined above.

Not all SIMs have been registered to the current SIM card holder. This is due to difference practices and regulations over the years since Telenor launched its services in 2014.

What will happen if my SIM card is not registered?

If your SIM card has not been registered, your SIM card risks being barred after 30 April 2020 and terminated after 30 June 2020. To avoid any disruption in services, please use one of the methods for SIM registration outlined above.

Are there any charges for registration?

There are no charges for SIM registration. When you register your SIM card successfully with your NRIC, you can grab free data or balance.

How can I register my SIM card?

In light of the COVID-19 situation, we recommend that you use online channels such as this website or the MyTelenor app to register your SIM card.

If you need to visit a Telenor shop or seek assistance from our representatives, please keep safe distance from other and protect yourself.

The following options are available:

• Telenor Myanmar website: http://ecaf.telenor.com.mm
• Download the mobile application “MyTelenor” from Android and iOS at http://bit.ly/mytelenormm and register there.
• Register through our Facebook messenger: https://www.facebook.com/TelenorMyanmar
• Register through our Viber: https://chats.viber.com/TelenorMyanmar
• Send an email to reg@telenor.com.mm
• Visit your nearest Telenor branded store at 200+ different locations across Myanmar.


What do I need to register?

Whether you register online or at a shop, you will need the following:

• Your SIM card (and your handset)
• Your NRIC card or your passport (for foreigners)

A successful registration contains your full name, your NRIC number and photos of the front and back of your NRIC card.

Do I need to provide any other information to register through website or app?

To register your SIM through self-registration channels (http://ecaf.telenor.com.mm or MyTelenor app), you need to log in using Connect ID, Telenor’s own authorization service.

Upon login, you will receive a 4-digit code to your SIM. Use this code to enter into system and continue the registration.

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