SIM Registration and Ownership Check

SIM Registration 

Telenor now has total 6 registration channels, both online and physical, available for customers to register their Sims. You can register your sim card with NRC or driving license or student ID or passport (only for foreigners).SIM Registration can be done with no charges at all.

How to register your SIM?

Please watch the video to learn how to register your SIM in your ownership step by step via MyTelenor App.

Please watch the video to learn how to register your SIM in your ownership step by step via Telenor website.

Please watch the video for any queries and getting assistance regarding to SIM registration with rightful ownership name.

Online Channels for SIM Registration

You can easily register your Telenor SIM via following online channels for free.

  1. Via Website
    Please click on the following URL to register your sim via website.
  2. Via My Telenor App
    Please click on the following URL to register your sim via My Telenor Application.
  3. Via Facebook messenger
    To register via Facebook, please visit our official Facebook page through following URL
  4. Via Viber
    To register via Viber, please contact to our official Viber account through following URL
  5. Via Email
    Please send email to to register via email.

Also you can visit to nearest Telenor Branded Shops to register your SIM card. And please do not forget to bring along your ID card.

Ownership Check

Please redirect to these links to check SIM's ownership. 

Self Registration Portal >

Self Care Portal >

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we need to register our sim cards?

We need to register our sim cards because of the laws Myanmar government assigned.

How can you check whether your sim card is registered (or) how can you check whose name and ID was used to register?

If you want to check about registration, please send “REG” to 500 or if you prefer to use USSD code, dial *979*3*3#. If your sim card is registered, you will see the NRC number of the registered card holder or the driving license number or other ID number.

What will happen if your sim card is not registered?

If your sim card has not been registered, you won’t be able to use Telenor service.

Is there any charges for registration?

There is no charges for sim card registration.

How can you register your sim card?

Option (1) you can register on the Website –

Option (2) you can download the mobile application “My Telenor App” for both Android and iOS at and register there.

Option (3) you can register through our Facebook messenger - .

Option (4) you can register through our Viber –

Option (5) you can send email to

Option (6) you can register at Telenor stores all over different cities and townships in Myanmar.

Option (7) you can also register at the Light House Centers which offer sim card registration class around 60 different townships.

What do you need to register?

Either you are registering at shops or from online, you will need your sim card (together with your handset) and your ID card or your driving license or credential from your ward/village or (for foreigner) passport to register.

How to log in to “My Telenor app”?

You can use your ConnectID to log in to “My Telenor app”.

How to sign in to get ConnetID?

You can use your current Telenor number to sign in.

Is it possible to have different ConnectID acc with one Telenor number?

One Telenor number can only have one ConnectID.

Can you use Wi-Fi to use ConnectID “My Telenor App”?

You can use Wi-Fi for “My Telenor App”.

What do I need to use “My Telenor App” with ConnectID wifi?

If you want to use “My Telenor App” with Wi-Fi, you will need to sign in to ConnectID with your current Telenor number.

If you change a new ConnectID sim card, will “My Telenor’s acc” be logged out?

If you want to change new sim card and use “My Telenor”, please log out your previous Telenor number from My Telenor setting. Only then you will be able to use with your current number.

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