Management Team

Telenor Myanmar's management team consists of executives with significant experience from global telecoms and Telenor's Asian operations.

Sharad Mehrotra

Chief Executive officer(CEO)

Sharad Mehrotra became the Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Myanmar in August 2018. Sharad had previously worked as the first Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Myanmar before he was appointed as the CEO of Telenor India in 2015. He was part of the global team that established a prominent position for the company in 3G services in Myanmar and helped build the company during its first two years of commercial operations.

With over 25 years of senior management experience in multiple countries and in communications sector with Telenor business units in India, Myanmar and Thailand, in Aircel-India, in Ericsson India and in BPL Telecom, Sharad has extensive knowledge in managing P&L operations and large multi-location teams, and in developing and executing profitable go-to-market strategies. He specializes in areas like clustered distribution, creative branding, digital services and customer centric Initiatives.

Sharad Mehrotra joined Telenor ten years ago as part of the core management team launching operations in India. He has a BE degree in Electronics Engineering from Pune University and MBA in Marketing Management.

Amaresh Kumar

Chief Marketing Officer

Amaresh Kumar is the Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Myanmar. Previously as the Chief Product Officer in Telenor India, Amaresh joined Telenor Myanmar in late May 2018. He has a vast background from the telecom sector. For more than 20 years he has held different positions within sales and marketing in several of India’s leading mobile operators. Amaresh started working for Telenor India in 2010 as head of Pricing, Revenue Planning and Market Research and became Chief Product Officer in 2011.

Caroline Yin Yin Htay

Chief Business Officer

Caroline Yin Yin Htay is the Chief Business Officer (CBO) of Telenor Myanmar. She joined Telenor in November 2013 as Head of Accounting and Tax, and took over the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in August 2016. In March 2019, she took a new role as a CBO of Telenor Myanmar. Caroline has more than 15 years of Telecom finance experience working across different value chains. She started her career in StarHub Ltd in Singapore, and later at Motorola Inc., where she helmed various roles. She holds Fellowship status of CPA (Australia) and the first Myanmar citizen getting the ASEAN CPA and graduated with EMBA from University of Hull (UK).

Hans Martin Hoegh Henrichsen

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer(CCAO)

Hans Martin Hoegh Henrichsen was appointed the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Telenor Myanmar on 1 May 2018. Before taking this role, Hans Martin was Chief Representative Officer for Telenor in Bangladesh and a member of the Board of Directors of Grameenphone, the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh.He was, as Vice President of Telenor Group’s Portfolio Development team, one of Telenor’s first persons to explore mobile opportunities in Myanmar. From 2013 to 2014, he was also Senior Vice President for Business Sustainability in Telenor Myanmar, responsible for building up the sustainability function of the company in the start-up phase. Hans Martin joined Telenor in 2000 and has vast experience from different international positions in Telenor Group. Hans Martin holds a degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

Helge Øien

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Helge Øien is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Telenor Myanmar. Previously, he was Vice President of Analytics in Telenor Group’s M&A department. He has also served for 7 years as Investor Relations Director in Telenor Group. Before joining Telenor, Helge worked for Microsoft Norway as a business analyst and as an assistant editor in the Norwegian financial news agency TDN Finans.

Jai Prakash

Chief Technology Officer

Jai Prakash is the Chief Technology Officer of Telenor Myanmar. He is responsible for network operations and rollout. Jai Prakash has extensive experience in telecoms operations with 24 years in the industry. Before joining Telenor Myanmar, Jai served as Circle Technical Head for Bihar and UP (East) in Telenor India. He has been with Telenor for last 6 years.

Selina Lomholdt

Chief People Officer

Selina Lomholdt is the Chief People Officer of Telenor Myanmar. Selina comes from the role as Chief Human Resources Officer of Telenor Denmark.

Selina Lomholdt is a seasoned executive with 20 years’ experiencefrom HR and People Development. She comes from the role of Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) in Telenor Denmark. She has been central in transforming the operation to meet new market opportunities, and in building acompany culture focused on care, development, and collaboration. Before joining Telenor, she has held several management positions, including international roles in Dell and Radisson SAS Hotels.

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