Corporate Responsibility is at the core of our philosophy to develop business in a sustainable and transparent manner. Our goal is to maximize the impact of telecommunication technology by creating added value, both for business and for society. We believe that mobile phones can transform human life by making information, as well as social, health and financial services much more accessible to everyone. One of the main goals of our company is to provide the benefits of mobile communications to as many people as possible. Thus, the opportunities for society’s growth and development will increase.

Corporate Responsibility at Telenor Myanmar

In Myanmar we aim to provide innovative connectivity to create shared value as an enabler for social and economic growth across our customers’ entire lives.

Our projects are carefully selected and managed to:

  • Identify responsible, sustainable and scaleable technology-aware partners in sectors with high potential
  • Demonstrate Telenor’s connectivity and related services to our partners to develop and scale digital and physical services that boost the positive impact of their work for society
  • Encourage partners to implement cutting edge digital services to scale social impact - Internet of Things (IoT), digital education and employment platforms (including digital classrooms, localized MOOCs and online accreditation) and efficiency-enhancing mobile or web apps
  • Serve as an industry and regional model of mobile connectivity-driven innovation and scalability in delivering social impact
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