Pop Pop Par Par is a casual game portal where users can access more than 100+ games in MyTelenor App. Click here

Pop Pop Par Par is a casual game portal where users can access more than 100+ games in MyTelenor App. Click here

Pop Pop Par Par is a casual game portal where users can access more than 100+ games in MyTelenor App. Click here

Code of Conduct

We want to be a trusted partner – to our customers, shareholders and colleagues, and to our Business Partners and the communities where we operate.

Our business depends on this trust and we are committed to conducting our business in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner.

The Code of Conduct is the foundation of our corporate culture and sets out high standards of integrity on how we do business.

Telenor Code of Conduct

This is our commitment to integrity. It’s our foundation and it sets the requirements for how we conduct ourselves as employees of Telenor.

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Telenor is firmly opposed to corruption in all forms and is committed to doing business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Telenor’s governing framework sets one single standard which shall secure sustainable business activities, regardless of where such activities take place.

Telenor is present in a range of emerging markets with potentially complex and sensitive political and social contexts. Myanmar ranks high among the most challenging countries on indexes such as Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. Telenor works systematically to address the corruption risks that were highlighted through our due diligence processes in Myanmar and will strive to continue its ongoing dialogue with public authorities and suppliers about the challenges.

Corruption risks are managed through a risk-based approach, based upon principles and procedures embedded in Telenor Group Anti-Corruption Program. Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Program in Myanmar includes:

Proportionate policies and procedures appropriate to the local operating environment
Regular risk assessments, monitoring and review
Risk-based integrity due diligence of potential suppliers and business partners
Regular communication, awareness training and capacity building for Telenor staff, our partners and contractors.
The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility with respect to safeguarding the proper organization of the anti-corruption function in Telenor Myanmar. Telenor’s management is committed to sending clear, unambiguous and regular messages to all staff and business partners, stating that corruption and bribery is unacceptable. Awareness and training are central to help employees and stakeholders understand and live Telenor’s ethical standards.

All suppliers and parties that have a direct contractual relationship with Telenor Myanmar and offer products or services to Telenor Myanmar must adhere to Telenor’s Supplier Conduct Principles.

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These principles set out the minimum standards that Telenor expects to be achieved over time, including ethics and anti-corruption standards. Telenor monitors compliance through a systematic, risk-based approach, which may include both announced and unannounced site visits as well as training in minimum standards.

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