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Apple iPhone 6 32GB

Available Models

  • iPh 6 32 GB (Limited Edition)
  • Color : Gold

Available POS

  • 11th Street Lathar
  • Myanmar Plaza
  • Mandalay
  • mDrive (Apple Authorized Retailer)

Bonus from Telenor Myanmar for iPh 6 32GB

  • You will get MMK 10,000 if you top up MMK 10,000.
  • You will get MMK 20,000 if you top up MMK 20,000.
  • You will get MMK 30,000 if you top up MMK 30,000.

*It is a one time bonus
*Bonus credit is valid for 90 Days
*Can be used for services in pay go, buy packages except roaming and IDD call.


What is iPh 6 32 GB (Limited Edition)

  • iPh 6 32 GB is the special edition from iPh 6 series.
  • Not included in initial launch (Initial launch only have 16, 64 and 128 GB)
  • The most convenient for capacity/price.
  • Will be exclusively available for Telenor and its channel
  • Retail price MMK 650,000 will be competitive against open market
  • Every country is available for one color only and Myanmar has Gold Color.

Detail Specification (pdf)

Why buy the handset from Authorized Dealer?

Why Different Price with Road Side Stores…

We pay Commercial Tax 5% + Custom Duty. So authorized price will always be Higher than those. If they have to pay Tax like us, they will be 50,000 Kyats more expensive than our price. The Retail Price that we are selling is Cheaper than Apple Canada Price.

Why should we pay more

iPhones Warranty automatically starts once they have left Apple’s Warehouse. Some of the phones are kept at Distributor warehouse for a few weeks and on retail shop for a few weeks. Once they have reached into your hand you have lost about 1.5 month of your 1 Year Limited Warranty. If you are buying an iPhone after 6 months from its Launching Date, I am sure that particular iPhone Warranty might have been gone for about 3 months.

Why it can be so cheap

The Original Charging Adaptor that comes with the iPhone worth 33,000 Kyats per piece and the Cable 33,000 Kyats per piece. The fake Adaptor and the Cable could be able to buy at 5,000 Kyats a pair in the Market. So this kind of store can give you 55,000 Kyats discount easily. You will only realized when that 5,000 Kyats Adaptor and Cable broke down after 5 months of use.

Why Different Code

Different Countries use Different Spectrum (MHz) and their Telecommunication Laws are also different. Depending on those facts Apple Devices are manufactured accordingly. Thus having different codes. In Myanmar/Cambodia/Laos/Thailand/Vietnam/Indonesia Apple sells TH Code iPhones Officially.

What is 1 Year Limited Warranty….

Warranty starts on the day of Purchase with the Authorized Purchased Slip and you will be enjoying 1 Full Year Warranty at peace of mind. If a small thing breaks down inside iPhone it starts from 50,000-100,000 Kyats in order to fix it. You can happily let Apple Authorized Service Center take care of it, if it is still under warranty. If you are lucky you will be able to get 1 to 1 exchange depending on the faulty category. The Adaptor which comes with iPhone in the Box is also under 1 Year Limited Warranty exclude if it has Physical Damages and Wire Short. Again that Original Adaptor worth 33,000 Kyats. While ASP fix your iPhones you would not need to worry about your Data/Photos/Movies going Online or Social Media. Data Theft is a serious issue globally. Unlike unauthorized service providers, after ASP has fixed the iPhone you can be sure that there is no more additional break down in next day or once you have left the shop. There are cases where you gave 128GB Space Grey to the Unauthorized to get it fixed and after they said couldn’t be fixed and returned you a Space Grey with 32GB Gold Chip inside. You will be able to avoid sad scenarios for buying at Authorized Reseller and Fixing at Authorized Service Providers. Photos and Videos that you have in your iPhones are your Moments and Memories…

Does iPhone paint peel off…

iPhone does not use Spray Paint nor Paint Brush for its Paint Coat. It uses Plasma Ions Blasting Technology to get them coated. The Paint and the Aluminum are bonded at Atomic Level which you can’t scrape off just the paint. Once the paint is off, aluminum layer will also be off as both of them are bonded together.

Terms and Conditions for Apple iPh 6 32 GB Bonus

  • Telenor reserves the right to withdraw or change this offer at any time by publishing the updated details on Telenor Myanmar Website.
  • Customers need to activate or make a call with the purchased iPh 6 32 GB Model from Telenor or an authorized dealer.
  • This offer is applicable for Pre-Paid Users only.
  • For new SIM card, after first call the user must recharge within 60 days from activation date, otherwise, SIM will be deactivated. Once deactivated, benefits can longer be accredited.
  • Customers must input the Telenor SIM card at SIM Slot
  • To trigger the bonus, customer must make a first call. Only after completing the first call, customers can begin to top up specified requirement as per below table to get the desired bonus. Bonus will be credited within 72 hours from the top up.
  • Customers will be notified when the 90 Days period is expired or bonus credit had been fully used up.
  • When the bonus is used up or expired, your usage will be charged as pay as you go price.
  • Any unused Bonus credit balance cannot be carried forward.
  • Bonus Credit cannot be exchanged for cash and shared with others.
  • Bonus credit cannot be used for IDD services and other overseas related services.
  • Bonus credit can be used for both on-net and off-net voice and SMS, buy data package and pay as you go data.
  • Please dial *124*1# to check your bonus.

Most frequently asked questions

Yes, there are bundle benefits from Telenor for these handsets.
These Apple phones can be bought at Telenor branded shops (COCO Lathar, Myanmar Plaza and Mandalay) and mDrive (Apple Authorized Retailer)
Upon recharging the specified top up, you will receive the following bonus. This bonus is only applicable 1 time and will bonus credit will be valid for 90 days.
You put Telenor SIM in your purchased iPh 6 32GB Phone SIM Card Slot and recharge specified top up requirement. Our system will record this paired use, and within three days, you will get bundle benefits to this SIM number.
No. This is one time bonus.
Bonus credit is valid for 90 days. After that, you cannot carry forward.
Any Telenor Myanmar prepaid SIM will get the device bundles.
You will get notification as “You have received XXXXX smart internet handset bonus balance valid until xx/xx/xxxx” when you receive the bundle benefits.
You can check by pressing *124*1#. SMS will be sent as “ Your smart Internet handset Bonus balance is xxx MB, valid until xx/xx/xxxx “
You may recharge the specified min top up or more. Iphone 6 handset Bonus only needs minimum denomination to trigger.
From 24th Jun 2017 to 31st Dec 2017. Handset bought during these period as well as 1st recharge of specified top up requirement will get the bundle benefits.
Yes. Bonus credit can be used to buy packages from Telenor. But cannot transfer to other or refund for cash and not able to use for IDD and roaming services.
Yes. Our system allowed to combine the balances from main and bonus account.