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Senior Expert, Funding and Liquidity Management

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Senior Expert, Funding and Liquidity Management


Monitor and perform complex tasks, regarding the forecasting of short and medium term cash flow, as well as perform complex funding and hedging activities, in order to enhance and secure sources of corporate income, and ensure optimal liquidity to maximize corporate benefits


  • Ensure understanding of funding and cash management policy and procedures, in order to understand tasks needed to be carried out, according to function’s policies and frameworks, as well as to ensure alignment and compliance with legal regulations and with Telenor Group’s overall direction, standards and governance
  • Perform complex activities to identify potential corporate sources of funding, in order to plan and secure acquisition of funding sources accordingly (including determining their grant-making criteria, amount of funding and interests, funding schedule and other requirements), to effectively enhance corporate incomes
  • Perform complex activities in planning, developing and implementing fund raising plan, initiatives and activities, including sponsorship, donations, cause-related marketing, joint ventures and other staff engagement activities, in order to ensure acquisition of potential corporate sources of funding
  • Provide direction and execute high-level forecasting of short-term and medium-term company cash requirement and cash surplus, in which may require complicated techniques and expertise, in order toprovide inputs for funding and liquidity management plan development
  • Develop financial models as well as execute high-level liquidity management and forecasting plans, models and procedures, in order to ensure maximized investment returns with an optimal liquidity level in alignment with standard and policies
  • Monitor and conduct in-depth analysis of money market performance, trends and variances, in order to efficiently manage short-term and medium-term investment and to ensure that company is able to adjust source of fund accordingly for optimal cost in a timely manner
  • Perform, if needed, activities in the process of dividend payment, in order to ensure alignment with financial plan
  • Perform complex activities in developing and maintaining a professional business relationships with current and potential investors, in order to ensure sources of corporate income
  • Perform complex activities in researching and analyzing different investment classes and opportunities as well as on current situation on domestic and international financial market, in order to identify the best assets for a hedge fund portfolio, as well as to manage organization’s investment portfolio, to optimize organization’s benefits from hedging activities
  • Perform complex activities to track, monitor, evaluate and periodically review the overall processes of funding and liquidity management, as well as the overall processes of coordinating guidelines to relevant functions, in order to identify improvement opportunities, to ensure optimization of the operation
  • Perform in-depth analysis on benchmarking organizations in order to adopt market best practices into organization
  • Decide on the methodologies and techniques to be used, identify risks and determine how to approach and complete tasks
  • Guide and review, if needed, assignments completed by junior members to ensure integrity and accuracy of work conducted.
  • Ensure that one own area of assignments and contributions are appropriate to meet organization needs while pursuing improved performance
  • Identify and respond appropriately to patterned issues regarding corporate communication in order to ensure that current issues are efficiently dealt with to support operational excellence
  • Continuously update oneself with changes in related trend, which affect tools, processes, systems, and frameworks relevant to the role, in order to maintain knowledge levels required to perform complicated tasks
  • Collaborate with other departments/teams to facilitate analysis and identify process improvement opportunities
  • Advise or educate management and set objectives and direction, in regards to own area of expertise, in order to support management in decision making processes
  • Perform activities that facilitate participation in business planning process and proactively identify opportunities to advance the success of the business
  • Be accountable for other certain works as assigned from immediate superior level


  • Educated to degree level in Accounting / ACT / MBA / ALMA training or other related concentration
  • Strong Treasury background with some experience of liquidity management, prior experience working in a balance sheet management team would be an advantage
  • Basic knowledge of funds transfer pricing and its application in practice
  • Experience in the commercial and/or retail banking sectors and understanding of products offered in these sectors
  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence and the ability to work collaboratively across the organization
  • Ability to effectively represent Treasury interests and perspective and manage relationships with key stakeholders
  • Strong influencing and negotiating skills which deliver desired outcomes
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, motivated and pro-active with a desire to make change happen


Permanent, Full-time


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