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Officer, Social Media Marketing

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Officer- Social Media Marketing


To perform basic activities in planning and implementing social media strategy, in order to achieve overall goals and objectives of brand communication, as well as to ensure alignment with corporate strategy and corporate governance


  • Effectively perform functional accountabilities below:
  • Ensure understanding of social media marketing policy and procedures, in order to understand tasks needed to be carried out, according to function’s policies and frameworks, as well as to ensure alignment and compliance with legal regulations and with Telenor Group’s overall direction, standards and governance
  • Conduct basic consumer research and coordinate with other functions to gather data regarding customer’s preferences, lifestyles and current trends, in order to support development and implementation of social media marketing
  • Perform basic activities in developing overall social media marketing strategy and roadmap, including setting goals/targets, designing action plan, listing out routine activities, in which are in alignment with overall brand and corporate strategy, in order to support social media marketing execution
  • Assist senior members in selecting social media marketing instruments (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and other local social media platforms), as well as design creative concepts (including wordings, visuals and videos) and activities for each instrument, to communicate a professional but unique social media “voice”, as well as to create social media campaigns, in order to enhance customer experiences on online platform
  • Execute basic social media activities, including tweeting, sharing, posting, community engagement, and increasing social reach, to ensure organization’s presence in social media
  • Coordinate basic activities with relevant functions in Marketing Groups to optimize SEO and SEM opportunities, in order to ensure online reach to customers
  • Perform basic activities in monitoring performance of social media marketing instruments against set goals and metrics (such as reach, active followers, mentioning, traffic data and ROI) on different social media instruments, in order to identify areas of improvement, and to be able to revise social media strategy and activities accordingly
  • Perform other basic activities that support implementation of social media marketing, including produce documents, reports or visuals, in order to support effective implementation
  • Perform basic activities in monitoring, evaluating, revising and improving processes of overall operations of online marketing, in order to optimize effectiveness of business processes and operations
  • Perform basic analysis on benchmarking organizations in order to adopt market best practices into organization
  • Collect feedbacks from users and perform basic analysis, to ensure business and other requirements are met
  • Respond to instructions to undertake specific tasks to assist senior members in the completion of projects or assignments
  • Be accountable for other certain works as assigned from immediate superior level


  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related
  • 1-3 years of relevant experience in Ad Agency.
  • Computer literacy in MS Office and good knowledge in Social Media ( eg. Facebook ,Twitter.etc..)
  • Excellent writing skill of English and Myanmar Language


Permanent, Full-time


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