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Manager, Marketing Strategist

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Manager, Marketing Strategist


To perform complex activities in consolidating marketing plans from all functions in Marketing Group, as well as to develop strategy roadmap as guidelines to all functions, in order to ensure that operations are planned and implemented smoothly, as well as to ensure operations are in alignment with overall Telenor Group’s strategic initiative and direction


  • Ensure understanding of policy and procedures of marketing strategy/plan consolidation operations, in order to understand tasks needed to be carried out, according to function’s policies and frameworks, as well as to ensure alignment and compliance with legal regulations and with Telenor Group’s overall direction, standards and governance
  • Conduct in-depth market research and analysis on consumer’s lifestyle, competition landscape and other related trends, in order to support and facilitate consolidation of marketing plans from all function across the Marketing Group
  • Coordinate and execute key activities in the process of aggregating and consolidating marketing plans from all functions across the Marketing Group, in order to produce marketing master business and action plans, as well as to provide holistic view of Marketing Group’s strategic direction
  • Develop complex marketing activities roadmap, including activities and guidelines, for consolidated marketing strategy and operations master plan, in order to provide direction to other functions in the Marketing Group regarding their roles and responsibilities in business operations
  • Perform complex activities to brief and seek agreement on each function’s roadmap and action plans to all relevant parties, in order to implement marketing activities accurately and in a timely manner
  • Facilitate coordination and maintain communication of complicated strategic and cross-group marketing activities, and provide assistance, if required, to ensure effectiveness of business operations and to facilitate achievement of objectives within determined timeline, budget and expected outcome
  • Perform complex activities for the process of communicating and coordinating with vendor to ensure efficiency of outputs to be delivered in alignment with initial agreement to maximize benefits for the company
  • Perform complex activities to track, monitor, evaluate and periodically review the overall processes of consolidating marketing masterplan from each function across Marketing Group and other related activities, as well as the overall processes of coordinating guidelines to relevant functions, in order to identify improvement opportunities, to ensure optimization of the operation
  • Provide guidance and direction to junior members, decide on the methodologies and techniques to be used, identify risks and determine how to approach and complete tasks, in order to support junior members and successfully achieve targets
  • Ensure that one own area of assignments and contributions are appropriate to meet organization needs while pursuing improved performance
  • Identify and respond appropriately to patterned issues regarding corporate communication in order to ensure that current issues are efficiently dealt with to support operational excellence
  • Continuously update oneself with changes in related trend, which affect tools, processes, systems, and frameworks relevant to the role, in order to maintain knowledge levels required to perform complicated tasks
  • Collaborate with other departments/teams to facilitate analysis and identify process improvement opportunities
  • Assist senior members in advising or educating management and set objectives and direction, in regards to own area of expertise, in order to support management in decision making processes
  • Support senior members in activities that facilitate participation in business planning process and proactively identify opportunities to advance the success of the business
  • Be accountable for other certain works as assigned from immediate superior level


  • Graduate/Masters in Business Administration
  • 4-5 years Internet marketing experience in Myanmar or outside Myanmar
  • Excel and Power point skills is important.
  • Good English speaking skills are a must
  • Ability to conceptualize events and channel programs basis local requirement & market conditions.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent communications skills with proficiency in English language


Permanent, Full-time


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