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Expert, Internet for all Strategist

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Expert, Internet for all Strategist


To perform complex activities to develop, support execution and revise internet for all (such as 3G and WIFI) strategy, roadmap and campaigns, in which is in alignment with marketing strategies and plans, in order to drive revenue growth through internet for all services


  • Perform complex activities to support the development of overall revenue planning and forecasting strategy, in order to understand action and activities plan, and to guide junior members, as well as to ensure alignment and compliance with legal regulations and with Telenor Group’s overall direction, standards and governance
  • Coordinate key activities with relevant functions in Marketing Group and conduct market analysis, including consumer profiling (such as demographic, lifestyle, requirements and behavior), current trends and other related analysis, to obtain insights and information, in order to support development of internet for all strategy, in terms of internet service selection (such as EDGE, 3G, WIFI and broadband)
  • Coordinate key activities with Technology Group regarding technology feasibility for internet for all operations, to determine services to be provided in each region across Myanmar, as well as to conduct capacity planning and service quality optimization, in order to ensure internet for all performance
  • Coordinate key activities with relevant functions in Marketing Group regarding pricing guidelines and frameworks, in order to effectively support price setting for internet for all campaigns, products, services and other offerings, as well as to drive revenue growth for the organization
  • Coordinate complex activities with Marketing Group regarding marketing strategy and market communication, in order to obtain support in internet for all campaigns development and to ensure alignment of internet for all campaigns with overall communication message
  • Perform complex activities in developing and executing internet for all campaigns, based on internet for all strategy and roadmap, market insights and inputs from relevant functions, in order to promote internet for all usage and subscription, to drive revenue growth and contribute towards Telenor Myanmar’s goals and objectives
  • Perform complex activities in monitoring performance of internet for all strategy and campaigns, in order to ensure effectiveness, and to identify and execute improvement opportunities, to ensure quality of services provided to customers
  • Perform complex activities to develop and determine internet for all expansion plan, to increase coverage of internet for all services, as well as to maintain quality of services provided, in order to drive revenue growth through internet for all services
  • Perform other relevant complex activities regarding revenue planning and forecasting strategy, including generating documents and report to support decision-making, in order to facilitate smooth business operation
  • Perform complex activities to track, monitor, evaluate and periodically review the overall processes of internet for all strategy and campaigns development, as well as the overall processes of guidelines coordination with relevant functions, in order to identify improvement opportunities, to ensure optimization of the operation
  • Perform analysis on benchmarking organizations in order to adopt market best practices into organization
  • Collect feedbacks from relevant parties and perform analysis to ensure business and other requirements are met
  • Assist senior members to perform conventional assignments or to identify and respond generic, complex issues, in order to ensure better understand of the processes for future references
  • Contribute, if needed, to the implementation of small, low complexity strategic project, which is simple and specific in nature, under guidance, in order to support senior members in the documentation or reporting of performance
  • Learn to use professional concepts and company policies and procedures to solve patterned problems
  • Be accountable for other certain works as assigned from immediate superior level


  • Should have Internet marketing experience in Myanmar or outside Myanmar
  • Should be citizen of Myanmar
  • Good understanding of market
  • Should have at least 2-4 years’ experience in relevant field
  • Driving data penetration in prepaid and postpaid
  • Increasing data usage and revenue in 2G and 3G product
  • Launching new products to enhance revenue
  • Arrest pack down-graders and churn
  • Competition benchmarking
  • Retail engagement programs to upsell data packs


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