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Expert, Distribution Management System

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Expert, DMS and CMS


To perfom complex design and develop Distribution Management System (DMS/CMS) tools and applications, to efficiently support the supply chain and logistics operations, in order to ensure effective execution of sales and distribution strategies


  • Ensure understanding of DMS/CMS policy and procedures, in order to understand tasks needed to be carried out, according to function’s policies and frameworks, as well as to ensure alignment and compliance with legal regulations and with Telenor Group’s overall direction, standards and governance
  • Perform complex activities in designing of DMS/CMS and tools, in which are able to efficiently and reliably monitor and control the organization distribution network, in order to support supply chain distribution activities
  • Coordinate key activities with relevant parties to support cascading of design of DMS/CMS, tools and applications into physical operations, as well as integrate DMS/CMS, tools and applications into distribution and logistic systems, in order to ensure efficient operation of DMS/CMS
  • Implement high-level operation processes of DMS/CMS, in order to support supply chain and logistic operations efficiently
  • Perform complex activities in updating and periodically reviewing DMS/CMS information, to ensure that all data are up to date with exisiting operations
  • Coordinate complex activities with vendors regarding outsource activities and tasks, in order to ensure that deliverables are performed according to plans and within agreed timeline
  • Perform any other complex activities regarding distribution system, in order to support efficient execution of DMS/CMS operations
  • Perform complex activities in tracking, monitoring, evaluating and periodically reviewing the overall processes of designing and developing DMS/CMS tools and applications, in order to identify improvement opportunities, to ensure optimization of the operation
  • Perform in-depth analysis on benchmarking organizations in order to adopt market best practices into organization
  • Collect feedbacks from relevant parties and perform in-depth analysis to ensure business and other requirements are met
  • Guide and assist, if needed, junior members in performing their tasks to ensure consistent understanding and ability to perform tasks
  • Review, if needed, assignment completed by junior members to ensure integrity and accuracy of work conducted
  • Identify and respond appropriately to patterned issues regarding corporate communication in order to ensure that current issues are efficiently dealt with to support operational excellence
  • Report all issues/variances with planned work to ensure any activities outside normal procedures are communicated in a timely and accurate manner
  • Contribute, if needed, to the implementation of small, low complexity strategic project, regarding supply chain management, which is simple and specific in nature, under guidance, in order to support senior members in reporting of performance
  • Learn to use professional concepts and company policies and procedures to solve patterned problems
  • Be accountable for other certain works as assigned from immediate superior level


  • Bachelor/Masters in Business Administration
  • 5 years + experience in sales and distribution.
  • Experience in FMCG distribution will be an added advantage.
  • Good knowledge of the local market.


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