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Expert, Acquisition Strategist

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Expert, Acquisition Strategist


To perform complex activities in developing acquisition strategy and roadmap of primary market segments for prepaid and postpaid products, services and other offerings, including designing, communicating, launching and assessing campaigns, in order to efficiently acquire primary market segments and targeted customers base, in which is in alignment with Marketing Group’s overall strategic initiatives and directions


  • Coordinate key activities with relevant function (such as Marketing Strategy and Business Intelligence functions) to obtain insights regarding market and consumers, in order to support development of acquisition strategy and campaign accordingly
  • Coordinate key activities with Product function and other relevant teams, regarding specific products, services, segmentation and other offerings, in order to support development of acquisition strategy and integrated campaigns accordingly
  • Perform complex activities in producing integrated campaign plans and estimate offer budget, as well as develop campaign requirements and business case, in accordance with agreed priorities of the acquisition marketing segment plan, and submit for approval
  • Perform complex activities in designing, developing and periodically revising plan for acquisition campaigns, based on overall acquisition strategy, information and analysis from relevant functions, in order to ensure efficient and effective implementation of acquisition strategy and campaigns
  • Perform complex activities in initiating simple tariff related features for products/offers, by working with relevant functions under Marketing and Technology Group to ensure the alignment with pricing framework set by Marketing Strategy
  • Perform complex activities to support provision of campaign brief to relevant functions to enable production of media, broadcast and channel communications and review/approve outputs in line with process (excluding BTL for text-based content)
  • Perform complex activities to provide support to channel sales (if required) to create excitement at Telenor Myanmar’s branded channels with end-user promotions
  • Coordinate key activities with relevant functions and perform activities that facilitate and enable campaigns execution and delivery, including listing campaign requirements, estimating campaign expenses and submitting campaign proposals for approval
  • Coordinate key activities within Market function regarding guidelines on campaigns communication materials, to be able to communicate with material production team accurately and in a timely manner
  • Ensure monitoring and reviewing campaigns periodically, with the support of Business Intelligence function, and initiate campaign revision and enhancement as required, in order to improve campaign performance and/or withdraw campaigns to ensure meeting of current market conditions
  • Perform complex activities to track, monitor, evaluate and review the overall processes of acquisition strategy and campaigns development, as well as the overall processes of coordinating guidelines to relevant functions, in order to identify improvement opportunities, to ensure optimization of the operation
  • Perform in-depth analysis on benchmarking organizations in order to adopt market best practices into organization
  • Provide guidance and direction to junior members, decide on the methodologies and techniques to be used, identify risks and determine how to approach and complete tasks, in order to support junior members and successfully achieve targets
  • Ensure that one own area of assignments and contributions are appropriate to meet organization needs while pursuing improved performance
  • Identify and respond appropriately to patterned issues regarding corporate communication in order to ensure that current issues are efficiently dealt with to support operational excellence
  • Continuously update oneself with changes in related trend, which affect tools, processes, systems, and frameworks relevant to the role, in order to maintain knowledge levels required to perform complicated tasks
  • Collaborate with other departments/teams to facilitate analysis and identify process improvement opportunities
  • Assist senior members in advising or educating management and set objectives and direction, in regards to own area of expertise, in order to support management in decision making processes
  • Support senior members in activities that facilitate participation in business planning process and proactively identify opportunities to advance the success of the business
  • Be accountable for other certain works as assigned from immediate superior level


  • M.B.A(Marketing) + MS Office Proficiency.
  • 3-5 year experience in Telecom, ISP, Banking, FMCG & Beverages.
  • Manage product/campaign launch activities end to end from concept to execution and post launch analysis and evaluation.
  • Analytics driven strategies & tactics to be built basis internal data , market visit inputs and competitor offering and execute the same through frontline channels to create market advantage
  • Perform rate plan, features & usage analysis to maximize the revenue from newly acquired base by making relevant offers and also manage end to end competitive responses through regular need-gap analysis.
  • Ensure higher up-sell efficiency with sharper targeting, faster campaign creation and execution allowing higher throughput / time saving and systematic tracking of acquisition campaigns.
  • Work with and incorporate the input of channels, client experience, loyalty and other stakeholder teams to identify and evaluate new segments and improve customer impacting processes.


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